• Yumeka: Journal of Digital Business and Economics

    "Yumeka: Journal of Digital Business and Economics" is a biannual peer-reviewed publication dedicated to advancing scholarly discourse in the domains of digital business and economics. Our journal provides an intellectual space that serves as a catalyst for rigorous research and profound insights in these convergent fields.

    Aligned with academic excellence, this journal seeks to foster an enriched comprehension of the intricate relationships between digital advancements and economic frameworks. Through a rigorous peer-review process, we curate articles that encapsulate erudite research, analytical rigor, and pragmatic applications.

  • Natsumi: Journal of Innovations in Virtual Technology

    "Natsumi: Journal of Innovations in Virtual Technology" is a distinguished publication committed to exploring, elucidating, and advancing the forefront of virtual technology innovations. As an esteemed platform, Natsumi serves as an intellectual hub for scholarly discourse, cutting-edge research, and comprehensive insights within the realm of virtual technologies.

  • Himeka: Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

    "Himeka: Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences" stands as a distinguished triannual peer-reviewed publication committed to advancing scholarly dialogues across the spectrum of multidisciplinary social sciences. Our journal creates an intellectual haven, igniting rigorous research and profound insights within the tapestry of these interconnected fields.

    In this journal, we endeavor to transcend the confines of singular disciplines, fostering a holistic view of societal dynamics through the lenses of psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, and more. As we navigate this intellectual landscape, we invite scholars, practitioners, and thought leaders to contribute to a tapestry of knowledge that weaves together diverse disciplines, thus catalyzing a harmonious symphony of interdisciplinary discourse.

  • Serena: Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research

    "Serena: Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research" is a distinguished publication dedicated to advancing the frontiers of artificial intelligence (AI) through scholarly exploration and comprehensive research. As a biannual peer-reviewed journal, Serena serves as an eminent platform for scholars, AI researchers, and practitioners to disseminate cutting-edge insights, theories, and innovative applications in the field of AI.

  • Reika: Journal of Global Economic Perspectives

    "Reika: Journal of Global Economic Perspectives" is an esteemed publication dedicated to illuminating and exploring diverse viewpoints and insights within the sphere of global economics. As a scholarly platform, our biannual peer-reviewed journal serves as an intellectual crucible for rigorous analysis and comprehensive discussions in this expansive field.

    Our aspiration is to be a conduit for scholarly exchange, providing a platform where economists, policymakers, and researchers engage in insightful dialogue, ultimately contributing to the advancement of knowledge and the formulation of informed economic strategies on a global scale.

  • Emika: Journal of Technology and Artificial Intelligence

    "Emika: Journal of Technology and Artificial Intelligence" is a prestigious publication committed to exploring the ever-evolving landscape of technology, particularly focusing on the innovative realms of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a biannual peer-reviewed journal, we serve as an intellectual hub for scholarly discussions and in-depth analyses within these transformative fields.

    Our aspiration is to serve as a conduit for insightful dialogue, providing a platform where technologists, AI researchers, and industry experts engage in profound discussions, ultimately propelling technological advancements and AI innovations to newer heights.

  • Arika: Journal of Digital Marketing and Consumer Behavior

    "Arika: Journal of Digital Marketing and Consumer Behavior" is a scholarly platform committed to advancing understanding and discourse in the dynamic realms of digital marketing and consumer behavior. Our publication is a biannual peer-reviewed journal aimed at fostering insightful research and profound discussions at the convergence of these fields.

    Committed to academic rigor and excellence, our journal seeks to deepen the understanding of the intricate interplay between digital advancements and consumer behaviors. Through a meticulous peer-review process, we curate articles that encapsulate scholarly research, methodological rigor, and practical applications, fostering a deeper comprehension of the complex dynamics shaping markets and consumer interactions.